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Adventurer, Bank, Beggar, Grand Market, Haggler, Knights, Library, Moat, Village, Young Witch

Shady Harbor

Bazaar, Cutpurse, Ill-Gotten Gains, Lighthouse, Merchant Ship, Pirate Ship, Smugglers, Spice Merchant, Warehouse, Wharf

How to Survive in the gutter

Border Village, Expand, Ghost Ship, Knights, Lighthouse, Loan, Scavenger, Sea Hag, Urchin, Venture

Green Pastures

Bureaucrat, Cellar, Crossroads, Gardens, Harem, Nobles, Silk Road, Steward, Torturer, Woodcutter

Bums and Aristocrats

Baron, Beggar, Count, Cutpurse, Duchess, Duke, Graverobber, Hermit, Nobles, Urchin

Silver Vs Copper

Beggar, Border Village, Bureaucrat, Cache, Coppersmith, Counting House, Develop, Feodum, Gardens, Knights

Bishops and Bandits

Bishop, Council Room, Embassy, Farmland, Inn, King's Court, Loan, Monument, Noble Brigand, Sea Hag

The Noble Road

Bureaucrat, Harem, Highway, Laboratory, Masquerade, Moat, Nobles, Silk Road, Witch, Woodcutter

Bishop's Arms

Bishop, Fairgrounds, Hamlet, Jester, Mining Village, Nobles, Royal Seal, Swindler, Torturer, Trade Route

Expensive Victor

Border Village, Courtyard, Develop, Duke, Farmland, Festival, Harem, Nobles, Thief, Treasure Map

Excotic Bazaar

Bazaar, Caravan, Chapel, Haggler, Harem, Island, Oasis, Spice Merchant, Swindler, Torturer

Kings Quarry

Crossroads, Forge, Goons, Grand Market, King's Court, Nobles, Quarry, Silk Road, Swindler, Torturer

Harbors to Bridges

Baron, Bridge, Great Hall, Mandarin, Merchant Ship, Moneylender, Pawn, Pearl Diver, Stables, Warehouse

Big Domains

Cache, Coppersmith, Develop, Farmland, Fool's Gold, Gardens, Haggler, Ill-Gotten Gains, Ironworks, Market

Prosper or Suffer

City, Farmland, Ghost Ship, Grand Market, Hoard, Masquerade, Monument, Sea Hag, Smugglers, Venture