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Shadowdemon's Games

Trash and Magic

Bishop, Fortress, Ironmonger, Mystic, Native Village, Peddler, Poor House, Rats, Salvager, Witch

The War Beneath the Kingdom

Bazaar, Caravan, Catacombs, Cellar, Cultist, Gardens, Marauder, Militia, Rogue, Talisman

Convoy of Criminals

Ambassador, Band of Misfits, Bandit Camp, Caravan, Counterfeit, Graverobber, Marauder, Market Square, Smithy, Throne Room

The Beginning of Prosperity

Ambassador, Bureaucrat, City, Count, Feodum, Native Village, Procession, Rebuild, Sage, Trade Route

Rally Your Forces, Protect Your People

Fortress, Graverobber, Knights, Lookout, Marauder, Militia, Pillage, Pirate Ship, Spy, Squire