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brokoli's Games

Battle of the sea / Bataille au bord de mer

Adventurer, Ambassador, Embargo, Gardens, Militia, Mine, Salvager, Thief, Treasure Map, Treasury

The rogue hidden in the fortress

Crossroads, Fortress, Grand Market, Hoard, Nobles, Procession, Rabble, Rogue, Scavenger, Vagrant

Iron's Village, Great Haggler and MintBank

Great Hall, Haggler, Hunting Party, Ironworks, Laboratory, Mint, Mountebank, Tribute, Woodcutter, Worker's Village

Cavalcade on the road

Conspirator, Ghost Ship, Highway, Hunting Party, Island, Mint, Spy, Storeroom, Throne Room, Workshop

Too many rats in the menagerie / Trop de rats dans la ménagerie

Bazaar, Chancellor, Develop, Hunting Grounds, Menagerie, Mystic, Peddler, Rats, Scheme, Young Witch

Fair-goons / Foire-à-bras

Coppersmith, Fairgrounds, Goons, Lighthouse, Loan, Royal Seal, Steward, Tournament, Worker's Village, Young Witch

Iron monument / Monument de fer

Ghost Ship, Haven, Ironworks, Monument, Outpost, Steward, Throne Room, Wharf, Wishing Well, Worker's Village

Should be deleted

Bazaar, Chancellor, Hunting Grounds, Menagerie, Mystic, Oracle, Peddler, Rats, Salvager, Young Witch

Interesting played game (randomly generated)

Armory, Cellar, Chancellor, Count, Feodum, Gardens, Mystic, Rats, Remodel, Throne Room

All reactions and bazaar

Bazaar, Beggar, Fool's Gold, Horse Traders, Market Square, Moat, Secret Chamber, Trader, Tunnel, Watchtower

Bandit wharf / Quai de brigands (+ shelters)

Bandit Camp, Expand, Junk Dealer, Pawn, Rebuild, Remodel, Sea Hag, Smugglers, Warehouse, Wharf

The urchin who became an apprentice / Le galopin qui devint apprenti

Apprentice, Border Village, Death Cart, Feodum, Haven, Jester, Menagerie, Steward, Storeroom, Urchin

Rats overboard ! / Les rats à la mer !

Bank, Baron, Caravan, Catacombs, Mining Village, Monument, Pearl Diver, Rats, Sea Hag, Steward

Island of silk / Île de la soie

Baron, Cartographer, Crossroads, Hoard, Island, Menagerie, Monument, Scout, Silk Road, Spice Merchant

Rabble in the harem / Foule dans le harem

Caravan, Embargo, Festival, Harem, Loan, Pearl Diver, Rabble, Remodel, Shanty Town, Tribute

Underlings in the Throne room / subalternes dans la salle du trône

Baron, Bridge, Harem, Hoard, Loan, Mine, Rabble, Steward, Throne Room, Village

Altar of the city / L'autel de la ville

Altar, Chancellor, City, Count, Market Square, Peddler, Quarry, Smithy, Smugglers, Wishing Well

Copper war / La guerre du cuivre

Apothecary, Cartographer, Council Room, Crossroads, Cutpurse, Gardens, Harvest, Market, Scheme, Stables

Group of friends / Groupe d'amis

Bank, Bazaar, Coppersmith, Golem, Herbalist, Mining Village, Minion, Rabble, Remodel, Tactician

Scheme of the King in a black market at Fairgrounds

Ambassador, Baron, Black Market, Cache, Fairgrounds, Horn of Plenty, Inn, King's Court, Rabble, Scheme