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Douglas's Games

Black eats black

Ambassador, Cultist, Embargo, Masquerade, Saboteur, Sea Hag, Swindler, Throne Room, Torturer, Witch

Climbing to the Sky!

Bank, Expand, Forge, King's Court, Pirate Ship, Remodel, Saboteur, Thief, Upgrade, Witch

All through your deck

Ambassador, Caravan, Conspirator, Fishing Village, Great Hall, Laboratory, Nobles, Steward, Wharf, Witch

A Feast for Crows II

Feast, Festival, Ghost Ship, Saboteur, Tactician, Torturer, Trading Post, Upgrade, Witch, Workshop

A Feast for Crows

Cutpurse, Feast, Ghost Ship, Ironworks, Saboteur, Thief, Throne Room, Torturer, Witch, Workshop

Step by step

Bazaar, Caravan, Conspirator, Great Hall, Haven, Market, Pearl Diver, Spy, Upgrade, Wishing Well