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jeroenvanheusden1979's Games

Brigands in the woods

Amulet, Counterfeit, Crossroads, Haunted Woods, Horn of Plenty, Noble Brigand, Silk Road, Treasure Map, Treasure Trove, Tunnel

Scrying for Gold (for events use TRAVELLING FAIR and QUEST)

Bandit Camp, Bazaar, Chapel, Explorer, Festival, Hunting Party, Scrying Pool, Treasure Map, Treasure Trove, University

orange deck

Amulet, Bridge Troll, Caravan, Fishing Village, Haunted Woods, Hireling, Lighthouse, Merchant Ship, Swamp Hag, Wharf

possessing the mine

Conspirator, Golem, Mining Village, Minion, Possession, Quarry, Scrying Pool, Squire, Steward, Transmute

cornucopia - hinterlands

Border Village, Develop, Highway, Horn of Plenty, Hunting Party, Menagerie, Nomad Camp, Scheme, Spice Merchant, Tournament


Counterfeit, Farming Village, Fool's Gold, Forager, Hoard, Horn of Plenty, Loan, Mine, Quarry, Talisman

Money, money, money!!

Conspirator, Grand Market, Highway, Junk Dealer, King's Court, Scheme, Squire, Stables, Steward, Trader

Lot's of money

Bridge, Chapel, Death Cart, Fortress, Grand Market, Hermit, King's Court, Laboratory, Poor House, Scheme