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mmccann's Games

Making use of the minion

Coppersmith, Harem, King's Court, Masquerade, Minion, Mountebank, Secret Chamber, Talisman, Vault, Worker's Village


Bazaar, Conspirator, Duke, Haven, Island, Mining Village, Pirate Ship, Scout, Steward, Warehouse

intrigue and base set

Adventurer, Coppersmith, Festival, Gardens, Mine, Saboteur, Secret Chamber, Throne Room, Upgrade, Wishing Well

seaside prosperity

Bank, Bishop, Explorer, Fishing Village, Goons, Grand Market, Lighthouse, Monument, Talisman, Warehouse

I'm rich...with curses

Bank, Cellar, Festival, Grand Market, Lookout, Sea Hag, Shanty Town, Swindler, Torturer, Trading Post

A game to use the quarry

Counting House, King's Court, Mining Village, Mountebank, Nobles, Pearl Diver, Quarry, Smugglers, Trading Post, Watchtower

curses...for all my friends

Ambassador, Baron, Lookout, Masquerade, Mountebank, Torturer, Trading Post, Warehouse, Watchtower, Witch