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Variety is the spice of life

Explorer, Fairgrounds, Harvest, Horse Traders, Menagerie, Native Village, Navigator, Remake, Sea Hag, Treasure Map

Vagabonds and voyagers

Cutpurse, Fortune Teller, Horn of Plenty, Hunting Party, Native Village, Remake, Salvager, Smugglers, Tactician, Wharf

Lunchtime random (Prosperity/Hinterlands) 5.3

Highway, Hoard, Oasis, Quarry, Royal Seal, Scheme, Silk Road, Trade Route, Trader, Tunnel

Lunchtime random (Prosperity/Hinterlands) 5.2

Bishop, Crossroads, Develop, Forge, Inn, Loan, Nomad Camp, Spice Merchant, Trade Route, Venture

Lunchtime random (Prosperity/Hinterlands) 5.1

Border Village, Cache, Embassy, Farmland, Goons, Monument, Nomad Camp, Royal Seal, Scheme, Trader

Lunchtime random set 4.3

Apprentice, Cellar, Chancellor, Gardens, Golem, Laboratory, Spy, Throne Room, Witch, Woodcutter

Lunchtime random set 4.2

Apothecary, Apprentice, Chancellor, Familiar, Feast, Gardens, Laboratory, Mine, Thief, Throne Room

Lunchtime random set 4.1

Apprentice, Council Room, Familiar, Feast, Festival, Mine, Spy, Throne Room, University, Vineyard

Lunchtime random set 3.3

Bazaar, Bridge, Caravan, Courtyard, Cutpurse, Duke, Great Hall, Harem, Lighthouse, Upgrade

Lunchtime random set 3.2

Courtyard, Duke, Harem, Lookout, Mining Village, Navigator, Outpost, Secret Chamber, Swindler, Trading Post

Lunchtime random set 3.1

Bridge, Great Hall, Harem, Lookout, Mining Village, Navigator, Pearl Diver, Steward, Tribute, Wharf

Lunchtime random set 2.3

Chapel, Crossroads, Feast, Fool's Gold, Gardens, Highway, Horse Traders, Village, Woodcutter, Young Witch

Lunchtime random set 2.2

Adventurer, Bishop, Chapel, Farming Village, Grand Market, King's Court, Monument, Peddler, Rabble, Spy

Lunchtime random set 2.1

City, Fool's Gold, Harvest, Inn, Laboratory, Market, Mine, Remodel, Talisman, Village

Lunchtime random set 1.3

Border Village, Ill-Gotten Gains, Island, Market, Militia, Mining Village, Royal Seal, Scheme, Treasure Map, Wharf

Lunchtime random set 1.2

Crossroads, Great Hall, Highway, Hunting Party, Masquerade, Menagerie, Pawn, Pearl Diver, Rabble, Trader

Lunchtime random set 1.1

City, Embassy, Familiar, Great Hall, Hoard, Moneylender, Shanty Town, Trade Route, Tunnel, University

No trashing, no actions

Bridge, Contraband, Counting House, Hoard, Horse Traders, King's Court, Philosopher's Stone, Royal Seal, Secret Chamber, Smithy