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monty's Games

a little of everything--kind of random, but seems good

Apprentice, Embargo, Festival, Grand Market, Horse Traders, Jack of all Trades, Junk Dealer, Oracle, Torturer, Walled Village

Party in the Poor House

Ghost Ship, Knights, Loan, Moat, Pillage, Poor House, Scheme, Throne Room, Vault, Village


Band of Misfits, Bishop, Caravan, Festival, Ghost Ship, Militia, Moat, Moneylender, Nobles, Oracle


Conspirator, Fairgrounds, Great Hall, Hamlet, Ironworks, Laboratory, Mine, Remodel, Smithy, Tournament

What's Up?

Bridge, Cartographer, Count, Duke, Embargo, Gardens, Shanty Town, Transmute, Treasury, Urchin

Mobilizing the Troops. BANE: Watchtower

Bishop, Embargo, Forge, Ghost Ship, Lighthouse, Menagerie, Tactician, Tunnel, Worker's Village, Young Witch

Race For The Provinces

Farmland, Fishing Village, Highway, King's Court, Knights, Poor House, Rabble, Scavenger, Steward, Talisman

Fun, Fast Game!!

Cutpurse, Haven, Island, Loan, Menagerie, Native Village, Steward, Trading Post, Treasury, Worker's Village

A witch in the mix

Cellar, Expand, Fool's Gold, Hunting Grounds, Hunting Party, Jack of all Trades, Market, Oasis, Sage, Witch

Winners and Losers

Beggar, Border Village, Develop, Feast, Gardens, Grand Market, Haven, Mining Village, Wharf, Witch

Actions Actions Actions

Ambassador, Catacombs, Hamlet, Highway, Scrying Pool, Sea Hag, Treasury, Upgrade, Vineyard, Woodcutter

Silver and Gold

Feodum, Hoard, Pearl Diver, Rats, Remodel, Sage, Swindler, Tactician, Trader, Tunnel

Why I Love Dominion

Conspirator, Goons, Haggler, Horn of Plenty, Island, Laboratory, Native Village, Silk Road, Throne Room, Transmute

Crazy Game

Grand Market, Hunting Party, King's Court, Margrave, Peddler, Remake, Rogue, Squire, Warehouse, Wharf

Chocolate Factory

Apprentice, Cutpurse, Embargo, Fishing Village, Great Hall, Harem, Ironworks, Library, Thief, Trader

Dark Seas

Altar, Bazaar, Ghost Ship, Island, Marauder, Native Village, Sage, Scavenger, Storeroom, Wharf


Embassy, Forge, Great Hall, Ill-Gotten Gains, Ironmonger, Jack of all Trades, Merchant Ship, Rabble, Smugglers, University

Gardeners (Recommended with no colony or platinum)

Apothecary, Caravan, Council Room, Gardens, Herbalist, Lookout, Minion, Philosopher's Stone, Throne Room, Witch

Treasure Chest (Play with colonies and platinums)

Conspirator, Counterfeit, Forager, Highway, Horn of Plenty, Laboratory, Loan, Masquerade, Mine, Nomad Camp

Trash Day (No colonies/platinum)

Ambassador, Bishop, Catacombs, Chapel, Expand, Fishing Village, Hunting Party, Militia, Remake, Treasury