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Chase Adolphson's Games

Alchemy and Hinterlands awesome set

Familiar, Fool's Gold, Haggler, Ill-Gotten Gains, Inn, Philosopher's Stone, Possession, Trader, University, Vineyard


Embassy, Great Hall, Haunted Woods, Hoard, Masquerade, Peddler, Port, Scrying Pool, Secret Chamber, Wishing Well

Victory tokens and curses

Haggler, Island, Menagerie, Monument, Ranger, Raze, Sea Hag, Stash, University, Worker's Village

Hybrid Cards

Caravan Guard, Coin of the Realm, Distant Lands, Fool's Gold, Great Hall, Harem, Island, Nobles, Tunnel, Young Witch

Prosperity Genius

Bank, Grand Market, King's Court, Monument, Peddler, Rabble, Royal Seal, Trade Route, Venture, Watchtower

Experts Game

Coin of the Realm, Fool's Gold, Marauder, Monument, Native Village, Page, Possession, Ranger, Tournament, Wharf

A lot of actions

Border Village, Coin of the Realm, Farming Village, Festival, Fishing Village, Mining Village, Native Village, Village, Walled Village, Worker's Village

Lots of complicated types

Black Market, Caravan Guard, Coin of the Realm, Distant Lands, Fool's Gold, Harem, Haunted Woods, Nobles, Relic, Tunnel

Future turn cards

Caravan Guard, Coin of the Realm, Dungeon, Duplicate, Fishing Village, Haunted Woods, Royal Carriage, Tactician, Transmogrify, Wharf

Lots of expansions and types

Black Market, Coin of the Realm, Fairgrounds, Familiar, Marauder, Moat, Nobles, Royal Seal, Tactician, Tunnel

My Favorite Card From Each Expansion

Black Market, Fairgrounds, Fool's Gold, King's Court, Market, Native Village, Nobles, Philosopher's Stone, Royal Carriage, Squire

Hinterlands Genius

Border Village, Cache, Farmland, Fool's Gold, Haggler, Ill-Gotten Gains, Mandarin, Oasis, Silk Road, Tunnel

Mean game

Familiar, Militia, Moat, Possession, Rabble, Relic, Sea Hag, Thief, Tribute, Watchtower


Bank, Bureaucrat, Festival, Fool's Gold, Harem, Hoard, King's Court, Philosopher's Stone, Treasure Trove, Venture