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GuillaumeRenaud's Games

Gold Stack

Chapel, Coin of the Realm, Counterfeit, Duplicate, Hireling, Lost City, Magpie, Marauder, Mine, Treasure Trove

Land of Victory

Crossroads, Distant Lands, Fairgrounds, Farmland, Feodum, Gardens, Guide, Procession, Rebuild, Silk Road

Maester Order

Artificer, Count, Farming Village, Gear, Ironmonger, Magpie, Port, Sage, Storyteller, Treasure Trove

Debt kingdom

Coin of the Realm, Farming Village, Festival, Hamlet, Miser, Poor House, Remake, Royal Carriage, Squire, Swamp Hag

War Ground

Beggar, Caravan Guard, Fairgrounds, Horse Traders, Knights, Marauder, Page, Peasant, Urchin, Young Witch

Debt Kingdom

Bridge Troll, Count, Death Cart, Farming Village, Harvest, Messenger, Miser, Poor House, Port, Swamp Hag

Hunting Party

Amulet, Cultist, Fortress, Hunting Grounds, Knights, Market Square, Ratcatcher, Rats, Raze, Transmogrify

Silver age

Beggar, Feodum, Fortress, Jack of all Trades, Jester, Market Square, Noble Brigand, Squire, Trader, Tunnel

Dealers in Disguise

Cache, Counterfeit, Fool's Gold, Forager, Inn, Marauder, Market Square, Spice Merchant, Thief, Trader

A Land of Feud

Beggar, Bureaucrat, Feodum, Horse Traders, Jester, Market Square, Rogue, Urchin, Village, Young Witch

Prizes' Landing

Catacombs, Cellar, Death Cart, Farming Village, Library, Mine, Moneylender, Sage, Storeroom, Tournament

Map of the Problematic

Beggar, Fortune Teller, Graverobber, Hunting Grounds, Jester, Procession, Rebuild, Remake, Throne Room, Village

There is a treasure hidden. Find it.

Counterfeit, Cultist, Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Forager, Horn of Plenty, Library, Marauder, Market Square, Menagerie

Obnoxious Knights

Counterfeit, Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Forager, Horn of Plenty, Knights, Marauder, Market Square, Menagerie, Young Witch