Most Played Games

Greased Lightning

Feast, Great Hall, Laboratory, Market, Militia, Pawn, Secret Chamber, Swindler, Throne Room, Tribute

Treasure Island

Harem, Island, Salvager, Scout, Shanty Town, Treasury, Tribute, Warehouse, Wharf, Wishing Well

Tunnel Party!

Chapel, Embassy, Lookout, Navigator, Scout, Tactician, Tunnel, Venture, Warehouse, Watchtower

Workers in the Mint

Baron, Expand, Grand Market, King's Court, Mint, Quarry, Torturer, Vault, Watchtower, Worker's Village

Scout vs Saboteur II

Conspirator, Coppersmith, Great Hall, Pawn, Saboteur, Scout, Secret Chamber, Swindler, Trading Post, Wishing Well


Bank, Bishop, Farming Village, Fortune Teller, Hamlet, Menagerie, Rabble, Royal Seal, Worker's Village, Young Witch

Many paths to victory

Bishop, Chancellor, Counting House, Gardens, Goons, Moat, Monument, Village, Woodcutter, Worker's Village

World's Fair

Adventurer, Caravan, Festival, Haven, Lookout, Merchant Ship, Navigator, Smithy, Tactician, Village

Forbidden Arts

Apprentice, Cellar, Council Room, Familiar, Gardens, Laboratory, Possession, Thief, Throne Room, University

All star uber strategies

Chapel, Festival, Gardens, Haven, Native Village, Pirate Ship, Secret Chamber, Treasure Map, Treasury, Witch

Prescient Capitalism

Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Fishing Village, Laboratory, Lighthouse, Market, Spy, Treasure Map, Warehouse, Woodcutter

Longshoremen's Paradise

Cutpurse, Gardens, Island, Minion, Remodel, Scout, Steward, Warehouse, Wharf, Workshop

Hustleville Community College

Cellar, Conspirator, Coppersmith, Library, Market, Mining Village, Pawn, Shanty Town, Smithy, Woodcutter

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Adventurer, Gardens, Harem, Militia, Moat, Navigator, Shanty Town, Spy, Warehouse, Workshop

Daydreaming Statesmen

Baron, Ghost Ship, Great Hall, Island, Nobles, Scout, Secret Chamber, Steward, Treasure Map, Wishing Well

Operating in the Agora

Bazaar, Chancellor, Conspirator, Courtyard, Embargo, Library, Lighthouse, Market, Moneylender, Tactician

The Honest Poor

Adventurer, Bazaar, Black Market, Chapel, Council Room, Explorer, Great Hall, Haven, Island, Shanty Town

Blackmail at the Old Lighthouse

Bureaucrat, Embargo, Lighthouse, Market, Mining Village, Tactician, Thief, Torturer, Trading Post, Witch

Best Wishes

Coppersmith, Courtyard, Masquerade, Scout, Shanty Town, Steward, Torturer, Trading Post, Upgrade, Wishing Well

Secret Schemes

Conspirator, Harem, Ironworks, Pawn, Saboteur, Shanty Town, Steward, Swindler, Trading Post, Tribute